In working together with the ministry, it is important to fall in line with the vision that God has given Pastor Ted Williams for this church.  The vision is as follows:

Believers New Life Ministries is a God-inspired ministry established for the purpose of serving God through serving and ministering to the needs of the people at every level of their lives….spiritually, physically, emotionally, relationships, and financially.  We are a church that is dedicated to touching the lives of all people with the Word of God, thereby changing their lives for the better. 

I envision a church of born again believers that will come together as one body to worship and praise God, rallying around His word.  A body of believers who will not be ashamed of their relationship with God through Jesus Christ, and will impact their world with the gospel of Jesus Christ through evangelism.  This church will reach the world with the gospel using every medium and all technology available to do so.  I envision a mega church, whose membership consist of all people of all races, nationalities, and cultures….a church working together in love, unity, and obedience to God and Godly leadership, having Faith, Excellence, and Integrity as the standards by which all that we do is governed….a church, that would in its teaching and growth operate within biblical principles, ministering to and instructing all people in the Word of God so that they would rise from poverty-stricken and hopeless lifestyles, using clearly defined and understood precepts of faith, to enjoy the privileges, blessings, and promises God has for us in Christ Jesus, Amen.

All of us, working together, play important roles in addressing the dynamic challenges of this growing church and ministry while meeting the spiritual needs of the people God sends here into our care.  In establishing Believers New Life Ministries and in obedience to our Lord Jesus Christ, we are determined to make “Excellence in Ministry” our whole intent and objective in submission to the will and plan of our Heavenly Father.

Let us continually and consistently commit ourselves to having faith, excellence, and integrity as the standards that we live and serve by everyday of our lives. For in doing so, we will make the vision God has given become a reality.

- Ted J. Williams, Senior Pastor